Yamaha Electronic Drum set DTX562K- AWESOME!


Yamaha Electronic Drum set DTX562K- AWESOME!

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Yamaha Electronic Drum set DTX562K- AWESOME! Newest series!

DTX502 drum module brings you a great-sounding set of updated drum sounds

A wide range of realistic drum sounds await in the DTX502 drum module included in the Yamaha DTX562K drum kit. You get almost twice the memory and 250 more sounds than the previous DTX500 module. Yamaha worked with top VST developers to pack a lot of great-sounding samples into the DTX502 module, optimized for the natural response of the DTX562K kit.

3-zone cymbal and snare pads give you more expressive options

The DTX562K drum kit sports 3-zone cymbal and snare pads, which makes your performances sound far more realistic than single-zone pads. Even better, you can "choke" the cymbals by grabbing them anywhere on the edge of the pad. In fact, you can even mute a cymbal before striking it, an extra level of realism you don't get with many electronic drum kits.

Make practice more fun with the practice scoring feature

Whether you're a beginner or advanced player, the DTX562K electronic drum kit has smart practice features that are sure to hone your skills further. At Sweetwater, we think one of the coolest features is the scoring function. As you're practicing rhythmic timing, pad accuracy, and endurance, the DTX502 drum module can generate a score that you can use to track your progress. Practice makes perfect, and the DTX562K drum kit makes it fun.

Yamaha DTX562K 5-piece Electronic Drum Kit Features:

  • Electronic drum kit with 3 x toms, 1 x snare, 2 x cymbals, 1 x hi-hat, drum module, hi-hat stand, and rack system
  • DTX502 drum module gives you 50 preset kits and 50 user kits for you to create your own
  • Trigger response has been fine-tuned with laser analysis for amazingly realistic response
  • 3-zone cymbal and snare pads let you play more expressively
  • Import your own drum sounds and samples via USB
  • Cymbals can be choked, and even muted before striking
  • Convenient practice features include a scoring function to help you track your progress

You'll be amazed at the natural, expressive response of the Yamaha DTX562K drum kit!

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