Neotech Super Harness, X-Long, Black

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The Super Harness™ offers unmatched comfort to the avid musician - from beginner to professional! This easy-to-use neoprene harness provides freedom of movement and our unique internal control-stretch system with added cushioning for maximum comfort and support. The quick release buckles make it a snap to put on and the adjustment system makes it easy to customize the harness to your needs. As it freely glides through the hardware located in the back, it increases your mobility without sacrificing your comfort since the neck/shoulder pad always stays in place. There's no other strap like it! Give it a try! Available with our popular swivel hook, nonmarring plastic-covered metal hook, or a loop connection (great for baritones).


  • Neoprene pad with internal control-stretch system
  • Available in three sizes: Regular, Junior and X-Long
  • Available in choice of three hook types: Swivel Hook, Plastic-covered Metal Hook and Loop
  • Made in the USA


Hook Appropriate For Break Strength*
Swivel hook The leading cause of hook breakage is when a hook lodges sideways against the instrument putting excess torque and pressure on it. Neotech's updated Swivel Hook engages snugly on the instrument's strap ring. It features an alignment pin in the snap mechanism for better rigidity and a molded "fin" that helps the hook remain in the proper vertical position. This design minimizes the chance of the hook becoming lodged sideways and keeps the weight and pressure on the hook in the proper playing position. Hook breaks at about 125 pounds (56 kg).
Loop Truly unique design offers non-marring locking system for small eyelets and/or heavy instruments. Great for students or musicians in marching bands as it offers the ultimate in security and flexibility. Ideal for the Baritone Sax. Quick disconnect fails at about 145 pounds (66 kg).
Plastic-covered metal hook Ideal for instruments with small eyelets, i.e. clarinet, English horn, oboe, bassoon, etc. Also great for quick instrument changes at gigs. Hook starts to bend open at about 75 pounds (34 kg).

* All break strengths are static loads measured in tension. Side loading on any of the hooks can reduce the break strength substantially.

Stock Numbers

Stock # Super Harness™ Style Hook Style Color MSRP Approximate Size
2601152 Junior Swivel  Black $49.75 12.5"–16" (31,8cm–40,6cm)
2601162 Regular Swivel  Black $49.75 14.5"–19" (36,8cm–48,3cm)
2601172 X-Long Swivel  Black $50.95 17"–24" (43,2cm–61cm)
2601182 Junior Plastic covered metal Black $49.75 12.5"–16" (31,8cm–40,6cm)
2601192 Regular Plastic covered metal Black $49.75 14.5"–19" (36,8cm–48,3cm)
2601232 X-Long Plastic covered metal Black $50.95 17"–24" (43,2cm–61cm)
2601252 Junior Loop Black $49.75 15"–18" (38,1cm–45,7cm)
2601262 Regular Loop Black $49.75 17"–21" (43,2cm–53,3cm)
2601272 X-Long Loop Black $50.95 19"–26" (48,3cm–66cm)

Measurements are from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the hook.

Additional product information

Color Black
Hook Type Swivel Hook

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