Trombones, Euphoniums & Tubas

Trombones, Euphoniums & Tubas

New instruments by Yamaha, Jupiter, Getzen, King, Conn, Bach & Holton

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USED Holton F-attach Trombone TR150

Product no.: TR150

USED Holton F-attach Trombone model TR150. Lacquer about 50%. Includes mouthpiece.

Has just been chem cleaned and serviced. Ready to play!

In stock

USED Yamaha F-attach Trombone YSL-646

Product no.: YSL646

USED Professional level Trombone with f-attachment. Good condition. Lacquer 50%.

Has just been chem-cleaned and serviced.

In stock

New F-Attachment Trombone Jupiter JTB1100F Intermediate level Step-up

Product no.: JTB1100F

Jupiter F-Attachment Trombone model JTB1100F Intermediate level (Step-up)

.525" medium bore

Not in stock - Pre-orders Accepted

Yamaha YEP321 Intermediate Euphonium

Product no.: YEP321

Yamaha YEP321 Intermediate Euphonium

The 321 features a strong warm tone, and is easy to play, with accurate intonation.

starting at $2,585.99
In stock

New Jupiter JTB1100 Intermediate Tenor Trombone

Product no.: JTB1100

Jupiter JTB1100 Intermediate Tenor Trombone

In stock

New King 2280 Legend Soloist Euphonium

Product no.: 2280

King 2280 Legend Soloist Euphonium

In stock

New Bach 42BOF Stradivarius Trombone

Product no.: 42BOF

Bach 42BOF Stradivarius Trombone

In stock