Bass guitars

Bass guitars

New Bass guitars from Yamaha, Godin and Gold Tone. Also used!

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New Yamaha TRBX504 4-String Premium Electric Bass - Brick Burst

Yamaha TRBX504 4-String Premium Electric Bass

Premium mahogany construction and an ultra-musical active/passive preamp design deliver the flexibility and sheer tonal quality you need to sculpt the perfect sound.

In stock

New Yamaha TRBX174 Electric Bass Guitar

Product no.: TRBX174

Yamaha TRBX174 Electric Bass Guitar

The TRBX174 represents a price breakthrough, yet the quality is EXCELLENT!

In stock

New Yamaha TRBX304 Electric Bass

Product no.: TRBX304

Yamaha TRBX304 Electric Bass

$369.99 / unit(s)
In stock

New Cort Action Bass Plus Electric Bass Guitar

Product no.: ActionBass+

Cort Action Bass Plus Electric Bass Guitar

starting at $279.99
In stock

New Yamaha BB234 Electric Bass Guitar - Raspberry Red

Yamaha BB234 Electric Bass Guitar

The introductory model of the hardest working bass in the business: the Yamaha BB series.