Used King 2055T Silver Flair Trumpet

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Great used Step-Up silver trumpet. King "Silver Flair" model 2055T with thumb trigger.

One of the World's Most Popular Trumpets

The King 2055 Silver Flair is one of the world's most popular intermediate-level trumpets — with good reason. Its .462-inch bore and rose brass, standard leadpipe offer a snappy response and a comfortable amount of breath resistance. The Silver Flair's 4.9-inch yellow brass bell is seamless, delivering intense projection while granting you an incredible level of control. You also get high-quality Monel valves for extra warmth, quick action, and an ultra-smooth response. This horn's first valve thumb trigger and third valve fixed ring with an adjustable slide stop ensure straightforward adjustability, and its silver-plated brass body lends a gorgeous, controlled brilliance to every note you play. Ensemble jazz players and classical musicians alike have benefitted from the responsive performance and out-of-this-world tone of the Silver Flair. Now you can, too!

High-level features for advancing students

The 2055 Silver Flair is tailor-made for advanced students in search of a performance boost. Whether you play in a jazz ensemble or you are an aspiring classical soloist, this intermediate-level trumpet has the high-level features you need to further your progress. The Silver Flair's rose brass, standard leadpipe offers a comfortable amount of breath resistance, while its .462-inch, large bore ensures out-of-this-world tone and projection. This horn's top-quality Monel valves yield smooth and quick action, while safeguarding against performance-ruining air leaks. The Silver Flair's quick-release, first valve thumb trigger facilitates easy intonation adjustments, while its third valve sports a fixed ring with an adjustable slide stop.

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