Line 6 Catalyst 100 1X12 100W Dual-Channel Combo Guitar Amp

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Many players want the versatility of a modern DSP-based amp while keeping the simplicity of traditional controls. The Line 6 Catalyst 100 brings those desires together in a 100-watt, dual-channel, 1x12 combo. The Catalyst 100 is ideal for everything from the practice room to medium-sized venues, as well as shining in the studio. Combining traditional controls with six original amps designed with their industry-leading HX system, Line 6 delivers the amp guitarists have been dreaming of.

Original Amp Designs

For the Catalyst series, Line 6 has created a half-dozen amp designs from scratch. These amps are carefully crafted using their renowned HX sound design system to create original tonal palettes, shaped by the influence of a bevy of modern and classic amplifiers, but still speaking with their own unique voices. From pristine cleans to massive high-gain roar, these exceptional tones deliver the feel and vibe players have always wanted to master and make their own. Each of the six amp types includes a Boost circuit that is customized individually to make the most of each distinct amp voice. Best of all, thanks to the built-in Power Damping feature, every Catalyst can be run at full-power, half-power or at just a half-watt, so you can always tailor the volume to the venue, without ever having to sacrifice tone.

  • Six original amp designs, from pristine clean to modern high-gain
  • Dedicated Boost and Reverb sections (6 reverb types), 18 Effects (3 types)
  • Power attenuator (half power, 0.5 watts, Mute) for reduced volume
  • XLR line output for pro connection to PA or recording devices
  • Effects loop and Power Amp input for integrating external devices
  • MIDI In via DIN connector
  • 4-channel audio interface and Mac/iOS/PC/Android connectivity via USB


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