DW Performance Series 3 Piece Low Pro Drum Kit


DW Performance Series 3 Piece Low Pro Drum Kit

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Brand new to 2018, here's the DW Performance Series 3 Piece Low Pro Drum Kit 

This kit is exceptionally well built for a travel kit, and is amazing for gigging in smaller clubs, and anywhere you could benefit from a smaller footprint. Don't let its small size fool you: this kit sounds amazing! DW's hardware design allows for the kit to be fully adjustable, portable, and easy to set up and transport. In addition, DW's design for lugs on this makes it behave similar to a reverse claw, meaning that there's no need for any holes to be drilled into the shells. The stand-braced style of support allows for the bass drum to not need anhy traditional spurs, and additionally, the tubing is sturdy and has many options for additional mounting solutions. Drum sizes are 3x10, 3x13, and 3x20, with the bass drum equipped with a remo Powerstroke Pro head right out of the factory.

All in all, this kit is perfect for taking to gigs, and is sure to not disappoint in sound. Made in the United States, this kit is performance built and performance ready. 
Case with pull handle - Add $199.99

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